Digital Signage Features

Harness the potential of captivating visual content through digital signage.
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Take control of your screens with
Bright Star Signage!

Unlock the full potential of our signage software, enabling you to manage content from anywhere with ease. Whether you’re across the globe or just stepping away, the ability to update screens remotely saves invaluable time and resources for you and your team.

Moreover, our platform empowers you to personalize your content, providing the freedom to design captivating displays that resonate with your audience.

From uploading your own images and videos to crafting dynamic presentations, the creative possibilities are limitless.

With intuitive tools at your disposal, you can seamlessly create and deploy engaging content that leaves a lasting impact. Elevate your signage experience with the flexibility and control offered by our innovative software solution.

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We have integrated our solution with carefully selected cloud-based apps that can bring life to your displays quickly and easily.

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Key Feature

Group Devices

You can quickly make a regular scheduler for daily play and an event-based one for specific days and times. Setting up a weekly scheduler takes just minutes.

Remote screen management

All the content or any update on any screen can be managed remotely. One does not need to be physically present to manage the screens. With just a laptop or PC, you are good to go.

Check connectivity status

You can easily check the device's connectivity status from the panel itself. That way, if it's disconnected, you can reconnect. Everything can be managed our cloud-based solution.

Multizone on TV

A single TV screen can be divided into multiple zones, with content assigned to each zone. This way, the entire screen space can be utilized easily.

Advanced Scheduling

You can choose between regular scheduling or event-based scheduling depending on your needs. Plan your content ahead of time to ensure it plays at the scheduled day and time.

Delegate access and roles

You can assign roles to different sections of the panel, allowing individuals to manage content as needed. This makes work segregation easier.

assign access role for digital signage

Enhance security
and grant accesses based on roles

You have the chance to assign roles and user policies based on both content and user roles. This capability empowers you to regulate content access from afar and streamline the management of your team’s responsibilities.

Granting roles allows you to define specific levels of access and authority within your system or platform. For example, you can designate certain users as administrators with full control over content and settings, while others may have more limited access as contributors or viewers.

In essence, this system simplifies the process of overseeing your team’s roles and responsibilities while maintaining tight control over content access and security measures. It empowers you to effectively manage your team’s workflow and ensure that everyone operates within their designated parameters.